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„EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers „EMGAZ” Manufacturer of Dragon dispensers
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Dragon Duplex has a cabinet made of stainless steel with embossed pattern or galvanized, powder painted steel (calculator unit cover) in colours as ordered by the customer.
The cabinet has locks which can be opened with just one key.

The dispenser has a powder painted, robust, steel  frame structure; the frame of the base is additionally zinc galvanized.


Two 4-cylinder piston flowmeters: spheroidal iron body, stainless steel cylinder sleeves, components made of high-alloy steel, equipped with a magnetic clutch to ensure gentle transfer of torque to the pulse generator when there is a "jerky” flow of gas; error adjustment with just one adjustment screw.


Gas phase separator : 3 dm³ steel container, flange mounted directly on the flowmeter.

Dragon's hydraulic filter with a stainless steel basket and magnetic cartridge stops all contamination with particles larger than 0.2mm.

Its two differential valves protect against gas leaks during the filling process, reduces hydraulic impact forces present at the beginning and end of the filling process and ensure that the flow of gas is stopped when a preprogrammed volume is dispensed; together with the dispenser's electro-valve they will not allow fuel to be dispensed without the electronic calculator unit being switched on.

Two aluminium visual inspection units enable the user to check the fuel being dispensed and is used for diagnosing incorrect operation of the dispenser..

Two filling hoses (short and long) DN16 with a usable length of about 5 m; the technical and operating documentation of the dispenser includes hose strength test certificates.

Two Italian Brevetti Nettuno standard filling guns.

DN20 ball valves in the gas and liquid phase sections enable easy connection of  ¾"NPT breakable couplings..


Breakaway coupling mounted on the filling hose protects the hydraulic installation of the gas meter and the car from the consequences of an accidental drive-off when a customer leaves the gun in the tank.

STOP emergency switch will cut off power supply to the whole LPG station in emergency situations.

Preselection system - keyboard and 2 electrovalves integrated with an electronic calculator unit enable the user to make accurate measurements for specified fuel volumes or predefined payment amounts.

Liquid phase manometer shows LPG pressure in the hydraulic system; excessive pressure (for example in summertime, above 16 bar) will signal malfunctions in some parts of the dispenser.

Test port enables the user to carry out a series of useful operations; details can be found in the technical and operating documentation of the dispenser.

Relay output controling the operation of the LPG station pump.


The WWC electronic calculator unit is the successor of the well-known and reliable CoCa calculator unit. The basic parts of that unit have been transferred to the new WWC unit while others have been redesigned to ensure more flexibility and new capabilities.


The WWC calculator unit can be operated both under the control of a computer system and in manual mode without control.


Two types of illuminated displays can be connected to the unit:

  • CSD-L : liquid crystal display
  • CSD-F: electro-mechanical display unit (more resistant to low temperatures)

The standard version offers preselection functions. Preselection settings can be changed using a keyboard (volume and payment amount).

The calculator unit offers totallizer functions with information being stored in the unit's memory separately for operation in the computer system mode and without the system controlling the operation of the dispenser.
A fuel dispensing monitoring function can be also enabled. Additional information is then displayed about the fuel being dispensed (such as flowrate, volumes dispensed by the flowmeter during tests). The dispenser is also equipped with an electrical-mechanical totalizer for measuring the amount of fuel dispensed.

An advantage of the WWC calculator unit is the many transmission protocols it offers:


This means that the customer is able to get a gas dispenser that will behave in the same way as the other measuring units already at the station.

The standard version of the WWC calculator unit uses the LOGITRON transmission protocol, which is the most popular in Poland. It can be connected through three controllers to many cash register systems:



  • 1 cable 5 x 1.50 mm 2 YbKSY power supply for the dispenser illumination system and the STOP switch;
  • 1 cable 5 x 1.50 mm 2 YbKSY power supply for the electronic counter and for controlling the operation of the pump;
  • 1 cable 4 x 0.75 mm 2 YbStYek¿ for communication with a cash register or controller.


  • Flow rate range - 6↔60 dm³ /min
  • Calibration range - ±0.7 %
  • Calibration screw sensitivity - ±0.03 %
  • Maximum working pressure - 1.6 MPa
  • Working temperature range - -40↔+55° C
  • Minimum volume - 5 dm³
  • Power supply voltage - 220 VAC

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